CAR-RAC is a product that allows you to sell your used inventory and get paid before the car ever leaves your lot, and the best part is, there is no cost to enroll, no risk, no contracts, no work on your part, we do everything, how does that sound?

Whether you’re looking for retail pricing or you need a quick wholesale exit, we’re your end-to-end solution. We can help you increase your profitability by improving your turn.

CAR-RAC provides you hassle-free negotiation, payments, and title processing: we are your full-service concierge dealer support solution.

We customize preferences based on each dealer’s individual needs, we are not a cookie-cutter program. We always make sure we are putting our selling clients in the driver’s seat to make the most profit.

We use a proprietary platform that matches your vehicles to the thousands of customers that are actively searching for vehicles every day.

Our full concierge service keeps you selling while we handle all of the paperwork, negotiation, and red-tape. We do all this based on your instruction and needs for every deal.



“I am very pleased with how CAR-RAC has helped me sell more vehicles. I sold a 1970 Ford Mustang Shelby 350 GT for close to $50,000 on CAR-RAC! The service is simple to use and the CAR-RAC staff makes the entire transaction smooth and easy.”

Austin Van Sloten, General Manager, Auto Haus

“CAR-RAC is very easy to use because I never pay unless I sell a vehicle. The entire CAR-RAC team handles the transaction from beginning to end and I can accept, or counter all offers easily on my phone. Using CAR-RAC is highly recommended if you want to sell more cars!”

Bill Houtz, Colonial Hyundai

“It sounded too good to be true, but I sold two Lexus’ the first week of signing up, and sold close to 50 more in my first year using CAR-RAC. This has really helped me with inventory as I am not only able to sell old age units but newer and specialty cars as well.”

Shawn Gusti, Pre-owned Manager, Lexus of Richmond